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WXXI's Fascinatin' Rhythm presents of popular American music from Stephen Foster to Stephen Sondheim, in the context of their relationship to American history. Every week, host Michael Lasser offers a rich mix of singers, songwriters and songs to explore the history and themes of American popular music.  LISTEN to this past week's show below.

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Episode #1748

11/25    James P. Johnson & Cecil Mack  James P. Johnson was a major composer and jazz pianist, and he collaborated with Cecil Mack when it mattered most.

The Telegraph

Episode #1747

11/18    Peggy Lee Sings (and Writes)  Not many singers wrote as many songs or performed them so distinctively as Peggy Lee.

The Telegraph lists Peggy Lee as #14 in The 60 Greatest female singer-songwriters of all time.  Read more.

Jazz Quotes - Quotations about Jazz

Episode #1746

11/11    Wild About Eubie  Eubie Blake wrote his songs and hit shows and, in the process, altered American attitudes toward race.


Episode # 1745

11/4      Love Songs About Divorce  From the melancholy to the comic, songs have always made room for marriage at the far end, especially when it doesn’t work out.

Episode #1744

10/28    After his career collapsed in the 1950s, Frank Sinatra with, among other things, a series of albums devoted to swinging songs everyone thought of as slow romantic ballads.

Episode #1743

10/21    Irving Berlin wrote the double songs everybody knows, so here are some others, often overlooked.

Some of Berlin’s greatest legacies are his counterpoint songs, or double songs.  Learn more.

The Great American Songbook Foundation -

Episode #1742

10/14    Has there ever been a major lyricist less well remembered than Gus Kahn?

Learn more about Gus Kahn.

Fred Hughes

Episode #1741

10/7      With everything from love letters to books and plays, words take their turn in the words of songs.

Program #1740

9/30      Home Songs  Americans may claim wanderlust as their birthright, but we also like being home or making a home.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: From Dozens to One 09/23/17

Sep 18, 2017

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Numbers matter. Numbers of lovers, numbers of kisses, numbers of broken hearts. Start counting.