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WXXI's Fascinatin' Rhythm presents of popular American music from Stephen Foster to Stephen Sondheim, in the context of their relationship to American history. Every week, host Michael Lasser offers a rich mix of singers, songwriters and songs to explore the history and themes of American popular music.  LISTEN to this past week's show below.

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Fascinatin' Rhythm: Cole Porter at First 09/16/17

Sep 11, 2017
The Red List

Program 1738

Typically, the earliest songs of Cole Porter could have been written by anyone, but even then the arched eyebrow and the urbanity were beginning to show.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Escaping South 09/09/17

Sep 4, 2017

Program 1737

Leaving the city to return to a Southland of dreams rather than reality. The dream persists far beyond the Civil War.


Program 1736 (repeat 1415)

Although he collaborated most often with Oscar Hammerstein and Dorothy Fields, Jerome Kern never had a steady lyricist. He worked with the unknown to the famous.

Manuscripts & Pictorial - National Library of New Zealand

 Program 1735

The men who served and the lives they lived, told in song.

Program 1734

Songs popular during the War come from two surprisingly places—from England (despite the U-Boats) and from the past (despite the passing of time).

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Born in 1896, 08/12/17

Aug 7, 2017

Program 1733

By accident of biology, more important songwriters were born in 1896 than any other year. An hour to take advantage of the serendipitous moment.

Cinema 52

Program 1732

Somebody embraces life and invites somebody else along to do it too.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Jonah Man 07/29/17

Jul 24, 2017

Program 1731

 A Jonah Man is somebody perennially unlucky. Most of the songs were written and performed by African Americans. More than a coincidence.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: We’re Staying Home Tonight 07/22/17

Jul 17, 2017

Program 1730

Lovers are so often on the go that it feels especially comforting to snuggle and cuddle and nuzzle without ever leaving the house.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Ubiquitous Walking Songs 07/15/17

Jul 10, 2017
Getty Images

Program 1729  

Lovers in songs take a lot of walks, in a lot of different places, at a lot of different times, for a lot of different reasons.