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#33 George Frideric Handel


The King's Theatre, London, where Flavio had its first performance 

2/25         Handel: Rompo i lacci from Flavio, King of the Lombards, Ombra mai fu from Xerxes Franck: Piano Quintet in f  (Anthony Roth Costanzo, ct; James Austin Smith, ob; Peter Kolkay, bn; Stephen Prutsman, p; St. Lawrence String Quartet; Anthony Manzo, bs; Pedja Muzijevic, hc)

The year was 1717. Britain’s King George I wanted to create a spectacular event that would forever etch his name (and his dynasty’s) in the history books. So he turned to his good friend, and one of Europe’s most popular composers, to help him out: George Frideric Handel. 

The plan was hatched: the King and company would float down the Thames on a barge from Whitehall Palace to Chelsea and back again, followed by another barge with an orchestra playing music composed just for the occasion.

#33 George Frideric Handel

Aug 28, 2016


"When he chooses, he strikes like a thunderbolt.” - Mozart on Handel