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Can computers (A.I. or artificial intelligence) compose music? It sounds crazy, especially to classical music listeners. But Taryn Southern, a writer, producer, singer, and Internet personality, recently released a song where everything except the vocal line (lyrics and melody) was composed by a computer. 

Intrigued? Read more and listen here.

Fascinatin' Rhythm Program 1702 

WXXI Broadcast Date: 12/31/16

Popular music plays an essential role in The Great Gatsby. Here’s how.

Host Michael Lasser has a VIP pass to the hottest parties of the 1920s with Jay Gatsby and all the exciting music that fueled that swingin' time.

Fascinatin' Rhythm: Dreaming Through the Forties - 11/5/16

Oct 30, 2016

11/5      Dreaming Through the Forties

Songs about dreaming are an essential part of how we faced up to the world during World War II.

In a world ravaged by war, music from pop and rock greats save and soothe the soul.